K.I.K mission is simple; to create a product that makes life more convenient for all women...


K.I.K is a bra with inside pockets and key hook. For when “A purse just won’t do.”  K.I.K is a small company ran by one person “me” with big ideas.


I will start off with sport bras then move to traditional bras.  Making them fun, comfortable, sexy with pockets, key hooks and all.  Then I will expand to matching bra/panty sets.  All women love to feel sexy!!


K.I.K is great for storing:


Lip gloss


1/2 pints (depending on breast size)





Breast pads

Implants (great for post mastectomy patients)


Ideal uses:


Amusement Parks

When you don't have any other pockets





All, while keeping your items dry, secure and discreet.  So, please send me a comment and tell me what other uses you had for KeepitKlose!

I love just love my "K.I.K"  It's comfortable and convenient.  I was excited when I was able to put my phone and ipod in my bra and they didn't get wet from sweat.  Look, you can't even tell I have them in there.  Tracy Smith, Atlanta GA.


I put mine to the test!  I have lip gloss, debit card, CHANGE yes ladies I said CHANGE, my mp3 player and my keys!  And, I didn't lose any of them!  Cheryl Redmond, Baltimore MD.

I was amazed when I put all those items in my bra and had no lumps!  Very discreet,  Karla Briscoe, Aurora CO.

Keep It Klose rockks!  Now, I don't have to ask my date to hold my ID in his pocket when we go out!  Danay Bryant, Houston TX.