Pocket Bra by Kendra Rivers

Below you will find our two most popular pocket bra options. The comfortable and highly functional, original pocket bra and the strapless pocket bra that is coming soon! Both pocket bras are made of high quality materials and are perfect for when a purse just won't do!

Click a link below to veiw our selection of pocket bras and to select the pocket bra that is right for you!
Original Pocket Bra
I love Just love my "K.I.K" it's comfortable and convenient. I was excited when I was able to put my phone and ipod in my bra and they didn't get wet from sweat. Look, you can't even tell I have them in there.  Tracy Smith, Atlanta GA


Strapless Pocket Bra (Coming Soon!)
Coming soon the half and or backless bra. The bra will be of good quality, comfort and support.  So, now you can have the best of both! The sports bra and the traditional bra.  This bra will come with or without underwire, all sizes and several different styles/color.