About Kendra Rivers - Keep it Klose Bra with Pockets

I started working in Telecommunications in 1992 and l loved it.  I was making good money young and happy.  I did this for 10 years and I got laid off.  When I got laid off I didn't receive a dime! The monies that I invested back in the company were lost.  That's when I decided to create my own destiny and future. 

I started a successful cleaning service called Konnections in 2002.  After-while, It lost its fire!  I didn't have the desire or get up and go clean spirit anymore.  So, I started praying.  In 2003 I went to a church revival and there was a prophet there who called me down to tell me what the Lord had put on his heart to relay to me.  He proceeded to tell me that I am the most talked about person in my family, I write checks without checking the balance (I still have that problem) and that I was going to be rich and famous.    Now, remember I just started the cleaning service so I'm like wow I'm going to clean my way to the top?  And, get famous too?  Well, needless to say that didn't work out (cleaning that is) so, I didn't want to make a lie out of the prophet so, I went back to the drawing board! I started thinking and praying for the perfect idea. 

I was at Venice beach with my kids and a close friend of mine.   When we got there she didn't have anywhere to store her keys and phone.  So, like most women she placed them in her bra.  Well, while jumping over the waves her phone and keys fell out.  After we found the key's (never found phone) we were walking back to the car and it just popped in my head "POCKET'S".  I came home filed for my patent.

Keep it Klose is committed to providing a quality products as well as EXCELLENT customer service.  

K.I.K is a company featuring fun, simple and convenient products for every woman.  Women of today are very busy and want to simplify things in their lives.  K.I.K will help with that!  My products cater to all women from 8 to 108, including K.I.K a bra with pockets.  "When a purse just won't do"

Keep it Klose has a full pocket and key hook for:


ipod/mp3 player


your favorite lip gloss

nursing pads



And more while keeping your items dry, discreet and secure.


Great ideas for Keep It Klose; 

Amusement parks




Sporting events

New mothers

Working out


Coming up!!! I will be visiting cancer walks, pride festivals and college campuses passing out free bra's!  Hope to see you there!! 
Right now what's available is the sports bra , sizes 34,36,38 and 40.










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